We pride ourselves in having the best, easy to use karaoke rental systems in the area. Seriously!

They are incredibly powerful, quick and easy to setup, and we have different packages of karaoke equipment available to rent for any occasion!  These are guaranteed to keep your Family / Friends / Coworkers rocking all night long. It’s even easy enough for a child to operate!

We have a lot of your favorite music as well. Not just the same old hits, but the NEWEST and FUNNEST songs that your guests are looking for. We have hundreds of songs, all digitally mastered in an easy to operate format that doesn’t involve messing with discs or DVD’s.

We can even customize our equipment beforehand with specific songs & artists to your specific event (additional fees may apply).


Included In Each Rental:

  • Buddenheiser Mixer
  • 2 Electrohome 1000watt self powered speakers
  • Laptop
  • 1x Shure SM58 microphone
  • Microphone stand and all needed audio cables.   
  • Small Projector and 10 foot projector screen

Base Package Price:  $250 

Premium Package Price:  $380

  • Karaoke DJ 4 hours ($25/hr additional)
  • UV glow sign up board
  • 17 Foot Ambient Light rejecting Screen)